Alice Cafe_before & atfer

alice-beforealice-afterAlice there’s alot to say about this cosy little cafe. Tasty pastries and cakes baked in house with the best coffee in town supplied by Padre.

Owner Richard asked me to come on board a little over 2 and half years ago to put his plans into action. Even though we were starting with nothing more than a empty shell there was no room for error with what felt like a shoe box. The floor plan had to be tight and well thought out. After 4 weeks of building and some head scratching the tools were down. At that point I would say we were happy and surprised to see how functional it would be. The floor plan allowed us to squeeze a separate kitchen, espresso bench, POS station, hot & cold food display and two different seating areas with a communal table. Managing all this gives the feel of a big cafe with a small footprint.

A little over a year later we thought we could improve some of  the design. After bouncing some ideas around and crunching the millimeters we were able to convert the existing wall seating into a 3 table design. Above are some before and after photos. This improved the functionality by making the space more inviting to sit down, have a bite to eat and take in the cafe experience.

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