Router Jig

jigI was taken on a different path when I decided that I was using far too much sheet material in my work ie plywood & acrylic. I also knew that I could be more resourceful in finding material to work with which would inspire new ideas. Pallet wood is one material I like using but I needed to design quick and efficient ways to cut leg notches. I found that laser cutting a template from 3mm ply that my small hand router could follow works well for a range of different joints. Here is a photo of a jig clamped to some recycled mountain ash for a leg joint for a record cabinet.

Sculpted Plywood

sculpted-plyI’m calling this sculpted plywood. I stumbled across it while making some lamps from 8mm plywood. Its a technique I played around with 4-5 years ago and since then I’ve applied it to different species of ply for different tones and effects.This panel is 15mm hoop pine carved with a 120 grit flap disk attached to a hand held grinder, sealed with oil. This panel will later be used for some drawer fronts for a record cabinet.

New Workshop Fit out

workshop2014 proved to be a busy year. Although looking at my blog says otherwise as I haven’t posted a single entry in over a year (may 2013) to be exact. This doesn’t mean I haven’t been making anything or keeping a finger on the pulse.  I’ve worked on many projects, mostly commercial, a few private and some other stuff just for kicks. Hopefully over the next year I can post more photos of current projects. I’ll start it off with a photo of the workshop fit out in progress. After relocating my workshop space twice in early 2014 I found a space tucked away from the madness in the middle of madness we call Melbourne.